What is Paintball?

Paintball is a game that simulates military combat; players on one team try to eliminate players on the opposing team by shooting capsules of paint at them.

Intense Paintball has been introduced on 1st July 2005 as one of the product of World Travel Ambassador Sdn Bhd. The establishment of Intense Paintball was the idea of two young executives who see the potential of paintball sport in Malaysia to be developed as new extreme sport and great teambuilding activity for everyone. Intense Paintball has many experiences in this sport for two years as technical staffs and marshals for paintball events organized by Malaysian Paintball Association (MPA). We have involved in many big and prestige events as marshals and technical support staffs namely Asian Cup Paintball Tournament 2005, Karnival TV3 Sure Heboh, KL Open, Unisel Open, Petronas Sports Day, MAS Family Day, and we also participate in Campaign Cup London 2003. One of our personnel has been voted as The Best Marshal in Asian Cup Paintball Tournament 2005.

Through good rapport and reputation with Malaysian Paintball Association (MPA), Intense Paintball gets a good support from Ministry of Youth and Sports to develop this sport and introduce it to wide market. We have been appointed as a technical advisor and event organizer for Malaysian Paintball Association (MPA). As one of the potent organization in this sport, we strive to make paintball sport as one of the best extreme game in Malaysia, the best teambuilding activity that instill leadership and many other crucial aspects in teamwork and affordable to Malaysian. We hope that everyone including youth and corporate companies could benefit from this game through our wide range of services, events and products offered.


Our services

Corporate event and teambuilding programs

Teambuilding is the process needed to create, maintain, and enrich the development of a group of people into a cohesive unit. Teambuilding exercises are very important in the development of teams that will work together for an extended period of time on a complex project or a series of activities and can be helpful in developing effective teams. Teams need to explore the five critical aspects namely cohesiveness, roles and norms, communication, goal specification and interdependence. Paintball is one of the best activity that combine the five elements to build effective team and thus make your company growth and prosperous. We have few ranges of services and packages to cater your corporate events and teambuilding programs.

Apart from that, we offer mobile unit in which enable you to hold paintball game at any places that must be approved by our official staffs. We are also specialized in custom events to cater your needs and budget. In addition to corporate event and teambuilding program, we offer various recreational paintball games that definitely pump your adrenaline and develop your leadership skills.


Tournament organizing

We are capable of handling tournament with our enthusiasts and energetic “paintballerz” for organizing, marshaling and make your tournament great and exciting. Our prices range as low as RM 40 per head. Please contact our staff for more details.


Recreational games

Paintball has variety of games that are fun and interesting. Below are some of the most popular games:

Flag Capture : In this game, teams start at opposing bases at either end of the field. The objective is to get to the other teams base without being shot. Capture their flag and return to your own base. The first team to succeed wins. Don't forget you have to do this without being tagged by the 'enemy'.

Hostage Rescue : One team must rescue a hostage from the other team and return him 'home' unharmed.

Elimination : Team which marks the most opponent in a given time wins the game. Good for the beginner to get familiar with equipment. Little creativity and strategy.

Zombie: This is usually played at the end of day, and quite simply is a 'shoot em up' type of game where there is no game objective. No one is out until they run out of pellets. This game is hugely popular.

Others : Black Jack, Shoot the Captain, Duel, Attack & Defend, Bunny Hunt, Tag


Paintball Gear

Type of fields

We provide you two types of field to cater your need of paintball, there are:
i) Permanent Field - Paintball Valley Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam
ii) Mobile Unit (play at your place!) - Sport paintball (Air bunker), Teambuilding, Family Day, etc


Major Achievements

1) Latihan Peperangan Askar Wataniah
    Date : 4 November 2007
    Venue : Kem Wataniah, Jerantut, Pahang
    No of pax : 80 pax
2) Latihan Peperangan Kor Perubatan, Angkatan Tentera Malaysia
    Date : 6 -7 September 2007
    Venue : Kem Cheneh, Pahang
    No of pax : 150 pax
3) UKM Paintball Untukmu Palestin
    Date : 14 January 2007
    Venue : UKM Fakulti Perubatan, Kuala Lumpur
    No of teams : 30 teams
4) Automotive Battle(Perodua vs UMW) Paintball Event
    Date : 19 March 2006
    Venue : Mudtrekker Paintball Park, Kuang, Sg Buloh
    No of teams : 28 teams
5) Paintball Teambuilding PE Department Perodua
    Date : 5 - 7 May 2006
    Venue : Teluk Rubiah Resort, Lumut, Perak
    No of pax : 90 pax
6) The Avant Garde Paintball Tournament
    Date : 11 September 2005
    Venue : Alpha Base Paintball Worldwide Challenge Park, Shah Alam
    No of teams : 30 teams



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